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‘‘ we live and we learn to take OneStepAtATime.’’
Its like learning to fly
or falling in love .


Its gonna happen
and it's suppose to happen .

That we find the reason
why, one step at a time .
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You believe and
you doubt .

You're confused and
you got it all figured out .

Everything that you always
wished for could be yours ,
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Should be yours,
would be yours if they only knew .
life is amazing;
Thursday, September 9, 2010 @ 4:12 PM

;love is a little lie.


i've been really bad to my blog.

i haven't replied many tags.
and i hardly update even though i'm always online.

so, while waiting for some of my videos to load, i'll try to post a longer post! :)

LingYan and Sumi came to my house this morning! :)
went to Clementi station to pick them.
i was late TEEHEE.
then took bus home.
gossiped on the bus! ♥

reached my house, changed, then SWAM!
too bad sumi wasn't allowed.
she she went to run at the Gym.
while LingYan and i crapped and gossiped and played in the pool.:D
so fun!

then we went out!
to LotOne.
ate Subway.
saw basketball girls having their outing.
came home.

haha i'm lazy to elaborate.
can't wait for tomorrow and Saturday!

i think i'm really getting "into" the SHINee fandom.
while LingYan is moving to FT.
it used to be the other way.
but, hey, i still like FT okay.
just that SHINee is more 'on' stuff that FT.

some SHINee fanfics are gross. :/
hah but i still read them.
yeah i'm weird.

about LIB.
that time, i decided not to apply for it already.
but i finally know why i'm not gonna be.
cos once i get into boarding, i'll be counting down for boarding to be over.
plus, it isn't gonna be that fun without 201 there.

awwww 201 might be split next year.
the school still hasn't decided yet.
i don't wanna split class! >(
i feel attached to 201.
we've become so bonded over the last couple of months.
its sad if we're gunna split next year.

the best i can hope for is 201 not to be split up.
still, those foreign scholars will [this is 100%] join our class.
then the class will be split into 2 again.
the 201 side, and the scholars side.
i love JH201 the way it is.

shall end this post here.
one of the longer posts i've posted these few days weeks.

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