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‘‘ we live and we learn to take OneStepAtATime.’’
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Its gonna happen
and it's suppose to happen .

That we find the reason
why, one step at a time .
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 @ 10:25 PM

i'm just sooooo lazy to do a proper post.

just realised i haven't done one on my Korea trip yet.
ah but i'm so lazy to do it.
sigh, the trip was awesome in many ways. and sucky in others.

pictures speak a thousand words.
lol, look through Nat's or JauTung's or CA's photos.

anyway, school nowadays are quite ok i guess.

can't remember what happened on monday, heeee.
just knew that it was pretty much boring and crappy, just like ever other Monday.
yeserday after school, went to Lot One to buy Lingyan's present with YunXi.
chose something LingYan asked for. ;)


today was fine.
didn't do swimming in the morning, so crapped (& mug?) for the 2 hours.
then went back to school.
chinese was surprisingly un-boring.
cos we were at the computer lab.
i didn't use fb or anything though.
after i finished my work (tikam alot but who cares?), i went to disturb Richard and Shawn. and LingYan
crapped with them.
then we were reading fmylife.com
when linlaoshi walked pass, Richard closed the screen.
and we were like teaching him how to read/pronounce chinese words.
then linlaoshi asked us to find out about the lady who "created" man.
then i was saying that it was Prometheus! >)
the Greek guy.
i like greek mythology.
nice stories. :)

after chinese, had principal's contact.
nothing much. mostly sit down there while the principal talked.

then had lunch!
Lunch is the awesomest period ever.
had fun during lunch. :)

then LA.
LA is funner this term! :)
better than Shakespeare. :)
we're doing this Blame Game.
where different groups of people are different animals in Animal farm.
i'm a dog, with all the people who went overseas (XinRu, Alden, Madeline)
we were supposed to discuss stuff.
but it was mostly Xinru arguing with Alden while me and Madeline were trying to keep the "peace".
haha. crapped alot. (Y)
damn fun! :)
got back my first Journal entry.
happy with my results.
the question actually asked for "a personal experience".
lol, my story is FICTION! :)
ahaha. Miss Wang doesn't need to know this. ;)

then had Leadership.
in which Mr Sim didn't stay in class at all.
talked about Food From the Heart. with YuXuan leading.
very fun!
was crapping with Richard and LingYan the whole time.
YuXuan's speech kept getting interrupted by sudden laughters or shoutings from the class.

after school, stayed back and crapped with Sumi.
apparently, Alden drew finished our DOG logo for LA.
its quite nice lol.
better than i would have ever drawn. :)

then took bus home.
ARGH, can't believe i lost my hp pouch! >(
stooopid. >(

ahaha. gotta go.
still mass-convo-ing the people who went korea. :)
maybe we'll make it to the Guinness World Records. :)


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