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‘‘ we live and we learn to take OneStepAtATime.’’
Its like learning to fly
or falling in love .


Its gonna happen
and it's suppose to happen .

That we find the reason
why, one step at a time .
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You believe and
you doubt .

You're confused and
you got it all figured out .

Everything that you always
wished for could be yours ,
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Should be yours,
would be yours if they only knew .
Saturday, May 15, 2010 @ 11:05 PM

i still remember;

the teacher made me sit in this PINK group and i was the only girl. to "test" me or something. all i remembered was that it was fun. ;)
during break, i would go out to the playground and play with my girl mates.
awesome times, running around.
having no worries.

i changed school.
from Gracefield to Kinderland.
nice year.
supposed to be half-day school, but sometimes i stayed full day with the other people.
joined at the last year, so not so close with everyone else.
BFF at that time = Jacquelineee♥
remembered, Tessie was the queen then. (HAHA)
always played Pokemon (OMG EPIC)
i was always butterfree (my fav pokemon that time)
awesome times ♥

Primary 1-3,
same classmates.
remembered, i loved my primary 1 teacher.
she taught me for like 1/2 year before she left for maternity leave and never came back :'(
during recess, our class would always play hide-and-seek-catching.
always had "GIRLS TEAM" and "BOYS TEAM".
haha sexist.
around primary 2, became BFFs with Tanya♥
had hell loads of fun.
even though i (kinda) quarelled with YH.
ohyeah, and in class i always sat with guys, and i would always bully them >:D

Primary 4,
new class, fresh start.
made loads of friends, from XinYuan to Evelyn to HuiQi.
formed XinYuan Airlines with some other girls.
had fun (pain & long lost memories)
then elaine joined HPPS.
we had this "system" kinda thing.
XinYuan = Queen
Elaine = princess
kinda forgot the rest.
really fun♥

Primary 5,
lost touch with my past good friends.
became (sorta) and outcast.
hormonal inbalance?
became closer to Suyi.
and HuiQi.
towards the end of P5,
formed ACAC♥
with Amanda, Angeline, Christine and mee

Primary 6,
formed the awesomest GROUP9.
quarelled with Huiqi.
many things happened.
remained close with Suyi.
drifted from ACAC ;(
PSLE year.

nothing much to reminsce about NJC life.
maybe when i'm 20 i'll be back ;)

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