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‘‘ we live and we learn to take OneStepAtATime.’’
Its like learning to fly
or falling in love .


Its gonna happen
and it's suppose to happen .

That we find the reason
why, one step at a time .
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You believe and
you doubt .

You're confused and
you got it all figured out .

Everything that you always
wished for could be yours ,
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Should be yours,
would be yours if they only knew .
what happened to promises?
Thursday, April 29, 2010 @ 4:02 PM

i guess i'll listen to what Pearlyn says.
i have nothing to lose, after all.
but, as i have said, i won't regret or take back my words.

i've been spending the last 2 days thinking.
maybe some stuff PearlynChew said was right.
its time to forgive and forget; to continue living a life.
letting bygones be bygones, will that really make me live well?
its a question everyone asks themselves.
maybe its better to just forget.

sometimes, i (kinda) wish i were a guy. [EXCLUDING SHAWN YEO-TYPE OF GUYS]
where you can let everything slide without feeling troubled.
like Alden; WeiJin; JingFu; etc.
they can forgive, and forget.
something girls cannot do as easily.

forgiving can be easy, if we're willing to let go;
forgetting can be easy, if we just let loose.
but why is it so difficult when combined together?

enough with the philosophical talk.
realised i don't really like navigational skins.
so mahfan.
but i like this skin alot, so prob sticking with it for awhile.

today school was ok i guess.

nearly late for school.
boarded bus on the usual time.
but freaking jam lah.
8.40am still on the bus.
then ran into school, like mad woman.
lucky not late.
i wanna keep my record clean :D

Thinking, everyone was in a bad mood.
01 people know why ;)

IH, supposed to do IH debate discussion, but my dear group finished research (WHOO, fastest group yay).
so we kinda sat there and talked and 分配工作.

PE was fun, YAY.
played touch rugby.
& i kinda like it ;)
my group = KeXuan, Pearlyn, YunXi, Alden & me.
(guys score 1 point; girls score 2 points)
first round, against white team, Alden scored 2 goals, KeXuan 1. total points= 4!
second round, against blue team, KeXuan scored 1 goal, i scored 1! total points= 4!
second round nearly scored another point.
crossed the line but forgot to touch down.

lunch was long and random.
drank 3 cups of Milo.
talked & crapped & gossiped.
[REMINDER TO PEARLYNCHEW: we don't gossip alot ok. our gossip is really random. you should join us for a meal one day and you'll understand ;) ]

then went up to class, IS.
my group finished terrarium yesterday, and my log was completed yesterday, so watched You're Beautiful!
when lingyan and yuxuan's group finished, they sat down and we did some face reading stuff.
damn funny, MissLo joined us.
IS was totally slackish and crappish today. ;)

after 2, stayed back in class to wait for my mum.
the class only got like 8 people? [FROM OUR SIDE]
so we were like talking and laughing.
then MrSim came.
[second REMINDER TO PEARLYNCHEW: this is not friendship gossiping. its those who-like-who gossip ;) ]
MrSim is hilarious.
he acts damn well lah.
then went home.

(shall make this post colourful again. this blogskin looks nice with coloured posts.)

GAP song
You'll Always Be In My Heart (chorus)

here i am,
standing without you.
all alone,
in this cold world.
i am nothing without you.
wherever you are,
you'll always be in my heart.

where are you?
i really miss you,
come back to me,
i am begging you.
what happened to promises,
was that all a dream?
wherever you are,
you'll always be in my heart.

i'm the lyricist, hee.
but some lines are by LingYan. (:

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