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‘‘ we live and we learn to take OneStepAtATime.’’
Its like learning to fly
or falling in love .


Its gonna happen
and it's suppose to happen .

That we find the reason
why, one step at a time .
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You believe and
you doubt .

You're confused and
you got it all figured out .

Everything that you always
wished for could be yours ,
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Should be yours,
would be yours if they only knew .
Friday, February 12, 2010 @ 6:16 PM


its friday.
celebrations for Chinese New Year!


went home after school.
did the usual, then went back boarding.
for the special Chinese New Year dinner.

LY, MAD and yunxi ponned the dinner -.-

first we had lo hei.
my table finished it superrr fast.
then we played 请你跟我这样做.
we were making alot of noise and our table was like next to the Principal's.
very funny cos KERINA SENIOR has a 3-syllabus name & its hard to say it 4 times. :D
then went to queue for food.
played SPLAT while queueing.

after dinner, played some games outside dining hall.
like we were playing SPLAT [again], and some other games.
superrrr funny.
JOSHUA SENIOR has such a long name we keep teasing him about it.

then, we went to the sandpit to play!
haha, we were hiding YUXUAN's and YUNXI's shoes.
JARYL [how to spell his name?] SENIOR was helping us.
and we were calling BENJAMIN SENIOR "ting".

then had house session!
combined mentoring group with a few others and played many games!
like pass the message and all that.
superrr funny.
YINGLI senior is hilarious.
she's in Choir too!
& she's a little sloww [no offence]
which makes her damn funny!

i don't wanna talk about the rest of the night.


woke up.
LINGYAN DEARIE had a badbadbad stomachache.
so she went home. :(
so me and MADELINE LONGLEGS went to school.
celebrated CNY!
very funny at one part of the celebration cos there was a 'teacher session' kinda thing.
where we can sabo teachers up on stage and they gotta act/play this game.

so, we sabo-ed MR SIM and MISS WANG and MRS TEN {everybodiesssssss}. ALDEN went on stage too!

damn funny, cos they were supposed to do something like charades.
cheered till my throat now hurts. :/

oh, and the western dance segment was damnnn nice. :D

then, took walked to the bus stop with MADELINE LONGLEGS
luckily, my bus came superrr fast.
took to Jelita.
went 7-11 to buy drinks.
walked to HPPS.
and guess what?
cannot bring drinks in
not like i'm gonna bomb my primary school or something.
with my brothers inside?
please larh

then went to meet JONHANN and EDISON and some other RI people.
they played some games while i sms-ed LINGYAN DEARIE.
& ZHANTZE came soon after.

met my juniors from NJ!
didn't know there were soooo many of them.
[kate's from HPPS???]
about 7 from HPPS went to NJC!

then left HPPS superr early cos i didn't want to take bus home myself. so my mum picked me at 1pm.

shall end this post right here.
to go watch Autumn's Concerto episode 19!

maybe things are better this way. maybe you should stay away. maybe, just maybe, i still wish you were dead.

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